Data-driven distributed monitoring for multi-unit food service operations

24x7 monitoring of your food and beverage inventory

Prevent equipment downtime Reduce repair costs Protect Inventory Improve profit margins Boost compliance Protect brand reputation Throw away paper logs Improve operational efficiency

Operate at a Genius level

Reduce Equipment downtime

Reduce equipment downtime, maintenance, and repair costs at each location by proactively monitoring temperature fluctuations resulting in equipment downtime.

Prevent inventory losses

Protect your food inventory at each of your locations, 24/7, from temperature fluctuations, equipment failures, power outages, and human error.

Eliminate food safety liabilities

Protect your brand reputation and eliminate the risk of food safety liabilities by proactively monitoring temperature excursions that will result in food safety liabilities.

The Stratosfy Equipment Operations Solution

Transform your critical equipment operations

  • Stratosfy’s Equipment operations solution is derived from the company’s product – “Deskless operations platform”, targeted to empower deskless leaders across different industries to remotely monitor critical equipment involved in operations.
  •  Create productive and profitable operations by remotely monitoring your critical equipment through Stratosfy’s IoT sensors, gateways, and remote monitoring software.
  • Unlike other IoT-based solutions which only generate alerts on equipment conditions and dump equipment condition data to web dashboards, Stratosfy’s solution provides a 360-degree view of your equipment operations
  • The only equipment monitoring solution that can aggregate and segregate the data for multi-business/multi-brand/multi-franchise operations running across multiple locations.

How can Stratosfy’s Equipment operations solution help You?
Here’s What You Need To Know

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate Stratosfy's equipment operations solution with your existing refrigeration systems, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency

Reduce Food Waste & Maximize Profit

By minimizing food inventory spoilage, Stratosfy helps you reduce costs and maximize your bottom line.

Data Analysis & reporting

Gain valuable insights into temperature patterns and equipment performance through comprehensive data analysis and intuitive reports

Expert Support

Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to assist you with any queries, ensuring you are successful in transforming your operatiosn to a genius level.

Why do you need the Stratosfy equipment operations solution for your refrigeration equipment?

Because Freshness Matters!

Don’t compromise on the freshness and quality of your food service or retail grocery products. With Stratosfy, you can keep your inventory at the ideal temperature, ensuring your customers are delighted with every purchase. Say hello to longer shelf life, reduced waste, and happier customers

Compliance is a Breeze!

Navigating the complex landscape of regulations can be daunting. Stratosfy takes the guesswork out of compliance by providing you with accurate, real-time data and detailed reports. Stay one step ahead of audits and ensure your business is always in line with the highest standards.

But Wait, We've Got Your Back!

Picture this: It’s the middle of the night, and your refrigeration equipment starts acting up. Don’t fret! Stratosfy is here to save the day. Our sensor-based solution works tirelessly, diligently monitoring your equipment, and alerting you instantly if anything goes awry. We’ve got your back, even when you’re catching some Z’s.


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Data-Driven, distributed equipment temperature monitoring for multi-unit food service operations