Temperature monitoring redefined for Restaurants

Enhance profitability, compliance, and guest experience for multi-unit foodservice operations through wireless sensors, cloud dashboards, and mobile apps.



Slash your repair bills and food costs and improve your bottom line


Eliminate food safety liabilities and risks and create greater peace of mind


Achieve uniform equipment monitoring across all locations and gain greater efficiencies

Cost Control

Stay ahead of inventory loss and costly repairs with Real-Time Notifications and Actionable Incidents. Address temperature variations immediately to prevent losses in your precious Food Inventory. Don’t let unexpected spoilage and equipment malfunctions break your budget—Take control today.

Empower your operations with Stratosfy’s robust equipment monitoring Platform. Receive proactive alerts to prevent equipment failures, minimize food inventory losses, and keep repair costs in check. Say Goodbye to unnecessary expenses and rest assured that your budget is Intact.


Equip your multi-unit restaurant operation with the tools to stay ahead of equipment issues and compliance challenges. Our streamlined incident workflows enable swift action to prevent costly lawsuits, license risks, and shutdowns stemming from temperature non-compliance.

Experience a paradigm shift in your compliance journey with Stratosfy’s intelligent platform. Gain peace of mind knowing you can adhere to regulations with confidence, thanks to precise temperature reports and efficient incident management workflows.


Consistency is critical to success in the intricate world of multi-unit operations. Yet, achieving uniformity across diverse locations is challenging due to varying equipment, maintenance needs, and compliance standards. Traditional methods like standard operating procedures and regular inspections often lead to inefficiencies and risks, especially in temperature monitoring.

With Stratosfy by your side, embrace the power of consistency to achieve uniform food quality and operational efficiency and bolster your brand reputation and customer trust across your entire operation.

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Equipment Operations Platform

Stratosfy Equipment operations platform is powered by sensors, gateways, probes, cloud dashboard and mobile app to drive multi-unit food service operations to streamline equipment operations. All features cooked well to achieve consistency, compliance and cost control in your equipment operations.