24 x 7 equipment temperature monitoring for your restaurant.

Empower your restaurant operations teams to protect critical equipment and inventory from costly temperature excursions and failures with Stratosfy's real-time sensors and remote monitoring software.

How it works

High temperature
10:14 PM
Walk-in Freezer at Tim Hortons Merivale Road is at -2° C, above its operating range of -20° C to -5° C.
Incident Assigned
08:07 PM
Display Cooler at Josh restaurant is out of operating range. Therefore, this incident is assigned to you now.
Defrost Cycle Start
9:54 AM
Single-door refrigerator at the indie store is in the defrost cycle.
Low Temperature
9:35 AM
Walk-in Cooler at Quesada Burritos Stittsville is at -0.2° C, below its operating range of 1° C to 7° C.
Repair cost update
11:01 AM
Problem with the walk-in cooler at Donald street restaurant is resolved now. Repair cost to fix malfunctioning is $350. The total repair cost spent on this equipment so far is $2850.

How it works

Automate temperature monitoring of your equipment

Eliminate missed and error-prone manual readings with 24/7 automated monitoring of all your refrigeration equipment.  

Save time and money on in-person monitoring and temperature logging of your equipment. Bring automation and accuracy to your temperature monitoring practices.

Protect food inventory

Avoid unexpected inventory loss and costly product spoilage with real-time notifications and actionable incidents.

If your temperature-controlled food inventory is out of range, correct the issue immediately to avoid losses.

Track equipment repair costs

Keep an eye on equipment anomalies and corresponding repair costs.

Verify, analyze, compare and share repair cost information of every piece of equipment to keep track of expenses and make better fix-or-buy decisions.