Improve the business's operational efficiency without the hassle of inconsistent operating procedures and in-person inspections & audits.

Consistency means ensuring that every restaurant in your operation follows the same standards and procedures, especially when keeping food at the proper temperatures. This sounds simple, but it’s challenging because of the location differences. 

If one of your restaurants accidentally stores its perishable items at too high a temperature, it could lead to food spoilage and health risks. Every restaurant must follow the same temperature management rules to prevent such mishaps. This helps reduce the risk of one location doing something differently and getting into trouble with health inspectors or, worse, putting customers’ health at risk. Automate this consistency for each restaurant through centralized dashboard and equipment management features of our platform.

Enter Stratosfy, our automated temperature monitoring system. With Stratosfy, you can bid farewell to the old way of sending managers around to check on things at each location. Instead, our system watches everything for you, ensuring temperatures stay within safe limits across all your restaurants. By automating this process, Stratosfy helps reduce errors and ensure consistency in temperature management practices.

So, whether your customers dine at your restaurant in Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto, they can trust that the food is always fresh, safe, and high-quality. With Stratosfy, you can rest assured that your business runs smoothly, maintains compliance with health regulations, and upholds your brand’s reputation for excellence, no matter where your customers go.

Ensure uniform food safety and quality across all your Locations!