Equipment Management

Seamlessly manage equipment across the entire organization. Stratosfy’s platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing equipment across single-unit/multi-unit or multi-concept operations. Achieve consistency in managing equipment operations.

One key benefit of this feature is the ability to create and manage equipment effortlessly, regardless of the number of locations or business units you have. Whether you operate a handful of restaurants or a large chain with numerous branches, our platform provides a centralized hub for managing all your equipment.

Additionally, the feature allows you to customize the operating thresholds for each piece of equipment. This means you can set specific temperature ranges or other parameters based on the unique requirements of each location or business unit. For example, you may need to adjust temperature settings based on climate variations, menu offerings, or customer preferences.

By standardizing operating thresholds across all locations, Equipment Management promotes consistency and ensures that each restaurant follows the same standards and procedures for maintaining proper food temperatures. This is crucial for businesses prioritizing food safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

Overall, the Equipment Management feature streamlines operations enhances efficiency, and helps maintain consistency across your organization, ultimately contributing to your business’s success and reputation.

Achieve consistency across your equipment operations.