Remote monitoring solutions for Multi-unit Restaurant leaders

About Stratosfy

Who we are?

We are a team of innovators, makers, and enthusiasts who are passionate about what we do. Curiosity, experimentation, and research are in our DNA and we are working on revolutionizing the way multi-unit restaurants perform equipment operations.

What we do?

We aggregate critical equipment data across multi-unit restaurant organizations using our proprietary real-time sensors and run cloud-based predictive analytics software on that data to lower food inventory costs and reduce equipment R&M costs.


The world's first connected platform for the Multi-Unit Restaurant leaders

The Stratosfy deskless operations platform is built on the power of the internet of things, smartphones, and cloud computing by utilizing the latest advances in battery technologies, communication technologies, and containerized microservices.


We hear it from restaurants every single day: Inventory, Labor, and Repair costs are rising. Using manual practices to monitor your fridges and freezers creates inefficiencies and increases costs as equipment issues can go undetected. You're also dealing with food inventory losses, unexpected downtime, and erroneous temperature logs, and the total cost across your business adds up fast.

Typically, solutions used for such monitoring are – 

  • Manual data-entry methods such as Pen and paper and Cloud-based data-entry mobile apps: Time-consuming, error-prone, and susceptible to manipulation.
  • Multi-unit restaurant leaders spent time and money on supervising such manual data-entry methods.


Stratosfy solves this problem by empowering multi-unit restaurant leaders to remotely monitor equipment operations through sensors and software. Instead of manual data entry, Stratosfy provides IoT sensor-based automated data collection from restaurant locations where operations happen. By harnessing the data collected, Stratosfy’s platform improves the efficiency of operations leaders by reducing the cycles spent on continuously monitoring restaurant equipment operations.

For the average multi-unit restaurant organization, Stratosfy reduces the total cost of equipment Operations by 20-30%. 


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