Cost Control

Are you spending your profits on expensive repair bills, downtime, and food inventory spoilage just because you could not detect your refrigeration equipment malfunctioning?


Reduction in repair costs


Reduction in inventory replacement costs


Reduction in yearly downtime

Keep your repair costs and food costs under control with timely detection and proactive management of refrigeration issues.

Do you depend only on insurance coverage for financial protection against these unexpected costs? Think differently and be Proactive. While insurance coverage provides a safety net for financial losses after an incident, it doesn’t prevent the incident from occurring in the first place. That’s where Stratosfy’s platform comes into play.

Stratosfy’s platform detects real-time temperature variations and offers proactive measures to prevent incidents. By providing early alerts and notifications, our platform empowers your staff across locations to take immediate action to avoid food spoilage, high repair costs, and equipment downtime

Combine your insurance coverage with our platform to create a fail-proof, comprehensive approach to risk management in multi-unit restaurant operations. It’s about mitigating financial losses and proactively preventing incidents.

Keep your unexpected costs under control through real-time alerts and actionable incidents.