Stratosfy Gateways

Reliable sensor networking and Cloud connectivity

Get Smart and secure cloud communication with Stratosfy gateways

36+ Hours of backup battery

power-outage resilient and can operate on backup battery.


Small form factor and specially designed firmware allows for gateway to be easily installed.


Stratosy’s specially designed firmware enables gateways to inform users when the there is a power outage.


End-to-end security from sensor to cloud server allows for peace of mind that your data is secure from anyone that is not part of your team.


Designed and built by Stratosfy engineers, the hardware system provides the highest level of reliability.

Get Smart and secure cloud communication with Stratosfy gateways

Stratosfy Gateway listens to the data from Stratosfy’s sensors and transmits sensor data to the equipment operations cloud. These Gateways facilitate continuous operations data gathered by sensors to be transferred to a Cloud-based dashboard. Gateways are power-outage resilient and still operate on a backup battery. In the event of connectivity issues, operations data is stored inside the gateway and will be transmitted to the cloud as soon as the issue is resolved. Operations leaders can rely on our gateway to reliably get operations data from business locations to web dashboards and mobile apps.

All Startosfy wireless Gateways offer consistent performance, long backup battery life, and deployment flexibility to bring wide-scale equipment monitoring within reach.