June 16, 2023
Instantly Assign Incidents with Stratosfy’s Deskless Operations Platform

Stratosfy's Deskless Operations Platform can help restaurants and grocery stores prevent food waste and equipment failure. It monitors refrigeration units remotely, provides real-time alerts, and reduces the need for manual temperature monitoring. By using this system, businesses can save money on lost revenue and repairs, improve product quality, and increase efficiency. Book a free demo today to see how the Deskless Operations Platform can benefit your business.

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  March 08, 2023
Minimize Equipment Repair Costs with Deskless Operations Platform by Stratosfy

Learn how the Deskless Operations Platform by Stratosfy can help you minimize refrigeration repair costs in your restaurant. 

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  February 26, 2023
Keep Your Products Fresh with Remote Monitoring

Discover the benefits of remote refrigeration monitoring and find out how it can help you keep your products at the perfect temperature.

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  June 21, 2023
How effective is the equipment temperature monitoring practice at your foodservice operation?
Four million Canadians fall victim to food-borne diseases annually - Canada Public Health.
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